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Family Trees

Our Family trees are a beautiful gift for any occasion.


The trees don't have to be just about parents, children, brothers and sisters. We've made trees to represent every pet a family has ever owned and even a fondly remembered horse where the silhouette of the actual horse was added to the tree. 


Frame choices are Black, White or Oak.


Background and tree colours can be a colour of your choice.

Example Order Process

When you place an order for the Family Tree the following information is required.


-Frame colour:- Black, White or Oak

-Names as you would like them to appear in order top to bottom

-Colour of the background

-Colour of the tree 


Once this information is received we will draw your tree and email a proof for you to check, the colours won't match the finished item but they'll be very close to it, this is because of the drawing process.


Only when you have emailed that you're happy with the drawing will we go ahead and lasercut your tree and manufacture it prior to delivery.